SMANLB1 1 Spot Bolt Fuse Holder


Single Heavy Duty ANL Fuse Holder


These are Heavy Duty ANL Fuse Holders. NOTHING on the market compares. They feature a SOLID HDPE base that is virtually indestructible, all Stainless Steel INDUSTRIAL bolts and hardware with Acrylic covers.


Don't be fooled by companies milling out Expanded "FOAM" PVC Plastic and spray painting it, just because of the name on it. 

  • All Industrial Stainless Bolts and Hardware
  • Nylon Acorn Nuts and Nylon Wingnuts included
  • Exclusive Laser Engraved and Cut Plexi Cover
  • Clear,Blue,Green,Red Cover Available
  • 2 Screw Hole Base / Screws Included
  • Marine Grade / Under Hood approved
  • .5 x 1.75" x 5.5" Oversized Heavy Duty Base
  • Machined from a solid piece of 1/2" HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene)
  • Standard Ring terminal 5/16" Bolts accept any gauge / size wire.
  • ****Ring Terminals and Fuses are NOT included****


  • 1 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Want a custom Fuse holder?

YESSSS....I can make anything you want!!!


We can add custom logos, designs , shop names, colors etc to any of our productos to personalize your install!!! Why have some one else's initial all over "your "  install and hard work??


  • Colored top plexi , Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Smoke, Purple
  • Any logo, shop name, initial, images on top cover and bottom trim
  • Colored Bottom trim plate in literally 100s of colors
  • Color fill in top plexi or bottom trim plates for thousands of color combinations!
  • Black, White, or Clear base


Message us, we love doing custom work! 



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